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As of June 19, 2020

As everyone is aware, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a significant and growing concern for us all in terms of both impact on our people and our businesses.

Adsyst (Automation) Ltd, has put extra controls in place to protect our workforce and the wider public from the spread of infection, and these controls have been added to as the advice from Government has moved on:

Business Continuity Plan. We have implemented our Business Continuity Plan across the organisation. We continue to evaluate contingency plans daily to make sure all employees are staying safe and have the most up to date information.

Daily updates from our QHSE Manager and Senior Management team. These include the latest changes in current Government advice issued to all employees.

Employees are working from home. Office based Employees have been directed to work from home or continue to work from home, wherever possible. IT systems are in place to allow them to operate as if they were at their normal workstation. This helps reduce the spread of the virus. We have directed any employee feeling ill or with any flu-like symptoms to stay home, isolate and follow the latest advice from the government/Public Health England.

Social distancing.  In the work sites based work environment, we are encouraging employees to practice social distancing. This means, wherever possible, staying at their workstations, using the phone to contact each other and email to communicate. No face to face contact should happen unless absolutely necessary with preferably 2 metres distancing; avoiding all direct contact with each other including handshakes.

Enhanced cleaning in our facilities and major locations. Use of communal facilities is discouraged as much as possible, to avoid cross contamination. Our QHSE Team continues to work with our cleaning team to ensure safety and good cleaning practices are part of our standard operating procedures. All offices have hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes available for use. All staff already operate a clean desk policy to help minimise any spread from surface to surface. Should an outbreak of Covid-19 occur in any of our offices, immediate lockdown will occur there, followed by Deep cleaning. That office’s workload would then be spread amongst the homeworkers and the remaining offices. Our high speed IT network allows continued access from other offices.

Site Activity. Currently all site activity is going ahead. We are having daily client contact to find out the most recent updates and actions. Our teams have been informed to avoid public transport when travelling for work e.g. to and from site and all company vehicles have been cleaned and have a supply of gloves, hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes in them.


You can keep up to date with information on the PHE public information webpage:

Please see a copy of our office risk assessment for COVID-19:

COVID-19 Risk Assessment 2020

We would like to thank you all for your patience and support on this matter. Stay safe.

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