Industry Sectors: The areas we work in


Adsyst are proud to have over 30 years of extensive technical and process knowledge for water projects, both water treatment and waste water.

Today, in excess of 80% of our turnover is generated from the provision of EICA solutions into water projects, including LV assemblies, Intelligent MCC’s, ICA panels, complex dual redundant PLC and SCADA solutions, on-site electrical installation, Profibus / Fieldbus and Ethernet / Fibre site wide networks.

We have multi-project experience with Thames Water, United Utilities, Anglian Water, Bournemouth Water, Portsmouth Water, Canal & River Trust, Environment Agency and many more.

Food & Beverage

Our extensive experience within this industry has provided us with the knowledge and capability to design, develop and integrate control systems for new sites, incorporate new software into existing production systems, modify / enhance legacy systems and install bespoke systems as requested. We have successfully integrated systems to monitor and control processes such as;

  • Filtration and CIP
  • Blending
  • Transfer of WPC and Permeate into storage
  • Drying
  • Evaporation
  • Bagging / Packaging
  • Routing & Selections
  • Conveying, Weighing, Batching

Customers within the Food & Beverage industry have included Coca-Cola, Volac International, Muller Dairy (UK), Robert Wiseman, Joseph Heler Cheese and many more.

Finishing & Manufacturing

With clients based in and around the UK Adsyst Automation Ltd have been the System Integrators for several manufacturing processes, many specifically within the Finishing Industry including:

  • Electroplating (Electrolytic and Electroless applications)
  • Tin, Lead and Copper double sided plating
  • Precious metal plating
  • Nickel / Zinc plating

The experience Adsyst have gained within the Finishing Industry coupled with our sound knowledge of the Control Automation industry has enabled us to offer cost effective and innovative solutions with every project.

Our client base / activity includes: Car part manufacturing lines, BAe Systems (aircraft manufacture), Electroplating lines all over the world including; Belgium, Holland, India, Russia and many UK sites.


We recognise that strict guidelines must be adhered to when working in the pharmaceuticals industry, ensuring adherence to latest current standards. Adsyst have worked for several key clients including –

  • Sterigenics
  • CIBA
  • GSK / Tonbridge
  • GE Healthcare

Our past roles have included control system design, implementation, procurement, testing and validation of implemented systems. We also have ongoing Pharmaceutical site support contracts in place.

Materials Handling

Adsyst have specialised in automated warehousing, and material conveying over several years. Examples of our experience in this area range from simple Graphical User Interface (GUI ) configuration to SCADA and full PLC / HMI control system solutions. We have worked exclusively for several years, in the past, for a very large automated warehousing supplier providing Solutions PT / Wonderware InTouch solutions with Siemens S7 PLC’s. We have also fully automated a die store for a product manufacturer of aluminum extrusions. This last project involved supply of the ICA and MCC panels to control conveyors and cranes designed to run 24hrs / 7 days per week. We also have on going support contracts in this field.

Bespoke Projects

Adsyst are often approached to investigate and price special bespoke and/or unique projects. We are proud to have implemented the following projects:

  • 64 Solar powered RTU’s delivered to Abu Dhabi – ICA panels, all solar devices and batteries, flow transmitters, pressure transmitters, pressurized pulse valve, flow totalisation, water consumption billing via e-mail
  • RO desalination plant installed and commissioned in Bahrain
  • Pilot Plant for UK’s first Desalination Plant – drawing water from the River Thames
  • New Prototype Drinks Dispensing Machine
  • Various Bespoke projects involving radio communications e.g. serial to Ethernet, Ethernet to Ethernet, repeaters, multi-master, multi-slave configurations
  • Two complete new Water Treatment Works in China, one for Zhanzigang and one for Hepu. Involved Moores DCS and Motorola Radio Network
  • Automation and Monitoring of Super-conducting magnets installed in MRI scanners delivered worldwide. Monitoring achieved remotely