AED (Defibrillator Instruction): 1 Day

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AED (Defibrillator Instruction)
1 Day

AED (Automated External defibrillation) is now known to play a vital role in improving a casualty’s chance of survival after sudden cardiac arrest (affecting 700,000 individuals every year in Europe). For this reason the use of AED devices is becoming far more widespread across the UK, and you will now see them at Airports, in shopping centres, sports centres and large businesses.

Trials have shown that the number of survivors of out-of-hospital cadiac arrest nearly doubles when laypersons trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are also trained in and are provided with access to AEDs.

This course is therefore an ideal “add-on” to any of the 3 HSE approved First Aid courses (First Aid at Work [FAW], FAW Requalification, Emergency FAW).

Course content includes Scene Safety, Barriers, Chain of survival and DRAB, Recovery position and initial assessment, CPR review, choking, sudden cardiac arrest, the heart, AED specifics and practice.

Course Duration is a half day as an add-on, or a full day as a stand-alone course, dependent on candidates knowledge especially of CPR.

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